Elderly Package

For whom

Developed for the elderly, including those with dementia, with the aim to improve recall, stimulate communication and have fun.


The easy to use programs are a result of a thorough co-design process, working closely together with both the target group as well as activity managers and family members. Sensation, relaxation and reminiscence are included to safeguard the right play experiences.


A selection of interactive games, including music and movies, that stimulate both physical and cognitive activity and encourage social interaction. The games are all about enjoyment and wonder.

Some of our programs highlighted


Make your choice out of classic tracks of the 50’s and sing along or hum the tune on the -without a doubt- recognizable songs.

Music supports the personal psychology of people with dementia and the social psychology of the care home environment. It helps to connect.

Play and catch

Puncture the balloons that appear on the screen. Stimulating leisure activities, like playing a game with other residents, is a social activity and is considered as possible protective factors against cognitive decline particularly due to enhancement of cognitive reserve.

Available on different tables



You can compile the Acerize concept as it best fits you and your organization; not only in terms of layout, but also in terms of budget. Are you going for our standard or luxury table and how many and which software packages do you choose? Both tables invite residents, their family member and professionals to enjoy activities together in an intimate setting.

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Some quotes from the field

I have a resident who hardly reacts to normal contact, but he did respond to the pictures on the table. He even touched them and started talking spontaneously.

Residents don’t always know the words, but they do hum on the music