Dementia package

For whom

Developed for people in the later stages of dementia.


Easy to use programs and games designed with the right play experiences for people in the more advanced stages of dementia; sensation, relaxation and reminiscence.  


The programs are very simple and easy to use, drawing users’ attention and stimulating them without complication or overstimulation. Only a touch of the hand results in an activity on the screen.

Some of our programs highlighted


Can you guess the object by its silhouette? By touching the silhouette, and holding on to it, the object slowly appears and also let you hear what it is.

For people with Severe Cognitive Decline; the game has a very social side and almost by itself sparks the conversation. The game also stimulates (arm) movement.


Wipe away the sand. Can you see which animal appears? Do you hear the sound this animal makes?

This game invites players to make big hand and arm movements and stimulates fine motor skills.

Available on different tables



You can compile the Acerize concept as it best fits you and your organization; not only in terms of layout, but also in terms of budget. Are you going for our standard or luxury table and how many and which software packages do you choose? Both tables invite residents, their family member and professionals to enjoy activities together in an intimate setting.

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It really brings people together!

You often see the residents sitting in their seats, snuggled. When the table arrives, they get right up in their seats and immediately become more active. Sometimes, if they can, they even stand up to increase their reach. That is what the table does; it brings people together and makes sure they connect.

Lianne Toet / CornhertCentrum Florence, the Netherlands